Marion’s Giants are NCC Girls Basketball Champions

Congrats to Marion, who stepped up in a GIANT way this weekend at Anderson in winning two tournament games to claim the 2016 NCC Girls Basketball Tournament Championship, their first conference title since 1981.

Complete tournament results:

1st Round @ Marion; January 16
Richmond defeated Harrison; 47-31
Muncie Central defeated McCutcheon; 47-42
Marion defeated Richmond; 56-36

1st Round @ Kokomo; January 16
Anderson defeated Logansport; 73-58
Arsenal Tech defeated Lafayette Jefferson; 52-33
Anderson defeated Kokomo; 62-61

Semifinals @ Anderson; January 22nd
Marion defeated Muncie Central; 62-61
Arsenal Tech defeated Anderson; 66-61

Semifinals @ McCutcheon; January 22nd
Richmond defeated McCutcheon; 38-18
Kokomo defeated Lafayette Jefferson; 70-32

Championship @ Anderson; January 23rd
Logansport defeats Harrison; 56-50
Harrison 10th; Logansport 9th

McCutcheon defeats Lafayette Jefferson; 59-42
Lafayette Jefferson 8th; McCutcheon 7th

Kokomo defeats Richmond; 54-38
Richmond 6th; Kokomo 5th

Muncie Central defeats Anderson; 69-54
Anderson 4th; Muncie Central 3rd

Marion defeats Arsenal Tech; 73-59
Arsenal Tech 2nd; Marion 1st