Congrats to the Harrison Raiders, your 2018-19 NCC Boys Cross-Country Champions!

Harrison won their first ever NCC Boys Cross-Country Championship on Saturday, October 6th, @ Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion.  Scores/places were as follows:

1st:  Harrison; 21 points

2nd:  McCutcheon; 64 points

3rd:  Lafayette Jefferson; 89 points

4th:  Logansport; 104 points

5th:  Muncie Central; 105 points

6th:  Anderson:  188 points

7th:  Marion:  196 points

8th:  Arsenal Tech:  223 points

9th:  Kokomo:  236 points

10th:  Richmond:  259 points

The Top Fifteen Finishers/All-NCC

1st:  Caleb Williams; Harrison  16:19.2

2nd:  William White; Harrison  16.22.1

3rd:  Caleb Beimfohr; Harrison  16:32.4

4th:  Isaiah Bennett; Muncie Central  16:42.3

5th:  Josh Persin; McCutcheon  16:54.3

6th:  Dieubeni Baributsa; Harrison  17:11.0

7th:  Christian Dawson; Logansport  17:7.7

8th:  Damian Sanchez; McCutcheon  17:24.3

9th:  Alex Alba; Harrison  17:30.9

10th:  Alex Smith; Arsenal Tech  17:32.4

11th:  Jesus Jacobo; Lafayette Jefferson  17:38.1

12th:  Chris Uribe; Lafayette Jefferson  17:39.6

13th:  Luke Milsaps; McCutcheon  17:41.6

14th:  Ian Morris; Lafayette Jefferson  17:42.7

15th:  Seth Weaver; Harrison  17:43.1

Congrats also to Harrison’s Chris Cahee; 2018-19 NCC Cross-Country Coach of the Year!