Harrison’s Raiders Claim 4th Straight NCC Cross-Country Crown

Harrison’s Raiders ran fast and strong in winning the 2018 NCC Cross-Country Meet, held on Saturday, October 6th, at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion.  The 2018-19 title was the Raider’s 4th straight XC NCC title.  Congrats also to Creasy Huntsman of Harrison, the 2018-19 NCC Coach of the Year!  Final standings/finish, as well as the top 15 finishers and All-NCC runners are listed below:

Final Finish/Standings

1st:  Harrison;  25 points

2nd:  McCutcheon;  42 points

3rd:  Logansport;  81 points

4th:  Muncie Central;  133 points

5th:  Anderson;  147 points

6th:  Lafayette Jefferson;  161 points

7th:  Kokomo;  210 points

8th:  Richmond;  214 points

9th:  Arsenal Tech;  243 points

10th:  Marion;  243 points

Top 15 Runners/All-NCC

1st:  Kearsten Dardeen; McCutcheon  20:04.0

2nd:  Caroline Hanback; McCutcheon  20:23.5

3rd:  Nicole Nagel; Harrison  20:23.9

4th:  Emma Beimfohr; Harrison  20:28.0

5th:  Makenna McCartney; Harrison  20:28.8

6th:  Arden Shen; Harrison  20:29.0

7th:  Abby Screen; Harrison  21:19.3

8th:  Janelle Woods-Barnes; Muncie Central  21:26.3

9th:  Ella Kanaby; McCutcheon  21:28.7

10th:  Alicia Zeh; Harrison  21:39.8

11th:  Carolayn Salamanca; Logansport  21:45.9

12th:  Erica White; Logansport  21:47.2

13th:  Sharon Kulali; Anderson  21:48.6

14th:  Madison Gasaway; McCutcheon  21:52.2

15th:  Jenna O’Donahue; Muncie Central  21:57.6