Arsenal Tech wins 1st Ever NCC Boys Soccer Championship

Congrats to the Arsenal Tech Titans, the 2018-19 NCC Boys Soccer Champions!  ATHS wins their first NCC title since rejoining the conference in 2015.  The Titans, who were the Eastern Division champions in divisional play, defeated the Harrison Raiders in the 1st round; 4-1.  They then defeated the McCutcheon Mavericks in the championship match; 1-0.

Scores/results from the NCC Boys Soccer Tournament, which was played at Kokomo High School on Saturday, September 22.

1st Round:

Logansport 4  Muncie Central 1

McCutcheon 1  Anderson 0

Kokomo 9  Richmond 1

Arsenal Tech 4  Harrison 1

2nd Round:

Arsenal Tech 1; McCutcheon 0.  Arsenal Tech 1st, McCutcheon  2nd

Harrison 1; Anderson 0.  Harrison 3rd, Anderson 4th

Lafayette Jefferson 1; Logansport 0.  Lafayette Jeff 5th, Logan 6th

Marion 4; Muncie Central 1.  Marion 7th, Muncie Central 8th

Kokomo 9; Richmond 1.  Kokomo 9th, Richmond 10th